About the Company
Implemented projects

Edyta Piotrowska Director of Factory

Mobile: (+48) 694 531 358

e-mail: edyta.piotrowska@ponefa.pl

Paulina Kopycka Key Account Manager

e-mail: paulina.kopycka@ponefa.pl

Agnieszka Omiotek Key Account Manager

e-mail: agnieszka.omiotek@ponefa.pl

Edyta Pajdo Key Account Manager

e-mail: edyta.pajdo@ponefa.pl

Izabela Sobera Purchase/Sales Specialist

e-mail: izabela.sobera@ponefa.pl

Kamil Kupis Office Worker

e-mail: kamil.kupis@ponefa.pl

Marcin Pałys Office Worker

e-mail: marcin.palys@ponefa.pl

tel. +48 74 872 55 16, fax. +48 74 872 93 41
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