About the Company
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About the Company
„Ponefa” Sp. z o.o. =[limited liability company] started its business activity in 1994. The company is a family –run business with the two-person board:
Henricus Wijnen – Company’s Owner
John Wijnen – President of the Board
The Company imports and sells upholstered models in the domestic market and abroad. Since the company’s beginning we have executed a lot of orders, which resulted in getting big and immeasurably precious experience in the industry.
The Company’s end users are reputable customers making supplies for a chain of fast food restaurants, designers shops known on the market and medical and rehabilitation centers. We specialize in renovating stylish furniture and repairing upholstered furniture of everyday life use.
Trying to meet the demands of the customers the Company offers the products at competitive prices while conforming to the highest quality standards and performing timely deliveries. The keynote of Ponefa” Sp.z o.o is to meet the customers’ needs and expectations.
„Ponefa” Sp. z o.o has its own quite large warehouses, which allows the Company to execute the orders on an ongoing basis. This possibility also creates perfect conditions for customers who can reduce the costs, which is nowadays very important.
The Company is constantly developing and taking into account the requirements of customers and future market conditions. Flexibility and familiarity with the needs of customers and fast completion of orders are the Company’s assets. The Company is open to cooperate with other businesses which, similarly to it, are aiming at achieving a leader’s position in the furniture industry.